By Shayenne

Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything including presumably Chakotay's underwear.

Rated PG-13

Short piece written for JetC20 - which I've just joined - and their Busted Collective.


It was a long day in the Delta Quadrant. Correction, it was a long week… month…

The bridge was quiet; the captain and commander sat in their chairs, not looking at each other. Tom and Harry were engrossed in their terminals. Tuvok was monitoring channels around the ship. The stars streamed past at warp six.

"Commander, you have the bridge. I'll be in my ready room." The captain left the bridge.

* * *

In her ready room, Kathryn still didn't know what to do. She replicated a coffee and pulled out a few PADDs, but they didn't hold her attention. Nothing really did right now, space was boring. At times like this she wished she had become a space pirate. She considered calling Chakotay into her ready room and distracting him. She smiled. Poor man, he was so adamant that they keep their personal life away from the bridge, and it was so easy to change his mind. And so much fun. But he was right, and it would be the third time this week she had done that. With Tuvok as bored as she was, it wouldn't be long before he noticed the privacy lock on the door. And if Tuvok knew what they did alone together, it wouldn't be long before Tom Paris did, and she wasn't ready to have her love life broadcast on Breakfast with Neelix just yet.

She put her feet on her desk and accessed the terminal. Tom had programmed a simple game that he played with Harry, based on a twentieth century Earth computer game. The game of Battleships reminded her of life in the Delta Quadrant at times, blindly firing at unseen objects. She had tapped into it occasionally and played it with Chakotay on the bridge. Tom didn't know he had been sprung, he thought only Harry knew about it. She was miffed to find that Chakotay was engaged in a game with Tom.

She looked at the mess that was her desk. Might as well clean it up, there was nothing else to do. She swept the coffee cups littering the surface into the replicator for recycling. Moved a few PADDs into a neater pile. Swept the hairclips into the top drawer. Brushed a sleeve over the surface of the desk. There. That didn't take long. She started going through the drawers, chucking out the rubbish as she went. More coffee cups, growing a healthy layer of mildew … hmmm, wonder if the Doc can find a use for this? More PADDs, God knows what was on them, she didn't care. A dermal regenerator… she put that carefully in the top drawer. That wasn't here in the ready room by chance, and she wanted it where she could find it in a hurry. Chakotay could get a little eager at times, poor man.

Chocolate covered coffee beans, a present from Chakotay. Mmmm…. He always knew what she liked. Did he ever! A pair of his underpants - black cotton briefs. Another pair - gray cotton briefs. Another pair - red silk boxers. Good grief, did the man *ever* leave here with anything under his uniform? Well, that was mainly her fault, often there wasn't time to get fully dressed afterwards. She might as well return them to him now, there was nothing else to do.

"Janeway to Chakotay."

"Chakotay here, Captain"

"Please report to my ready room immediately."

* * *

The door to the ready room swished open and closed. The captain was on the floor under her desk, sorting through piles of something. She didn't look up as he entered.

"Chakotay, don't you ever get dressed afterwards?"

She chucked something over the desk that hit him squarely in the face.

"I'm sure there's a protocol somewhere that says the first officer has to be wearing underwear on the bridge"

A pair of black briefs landed on his shoulder. He blinked.

A pair of red silk boxers landed squarely on top of his head.

"Captain, thank you for the thought, but I don't think these will fit me," said Tom Paris.

The captain's head popped up from underneath the desk and she looked straight into Tom's laughing eyes. Behind him, Chakotay shrugged apologetically.

Still adorned in the first officer's underwear, Tom turned and left the ready room.

Chakotay and Kathryn looked at each other.

"Well, I guess we've been well and truly busted!"

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