Graphic by Cassatt
An AU, written by Cassatt, that diverges from canon at the episode, "Elogium". When Kes enters the elogium, she chooses to have a child. As Neelix is reluctant, she asks her friend, Tom Paris, if he will father a child with her, and he agrees. She conceives by artificial insemination. Kes, through her intuition and telepathy, knows that Tom and Chakotay had a relationship during the time when Tom was in the Maquis on board Chakotay's ship. She tells Tom that if anything happens to her, then she would like him to raise their child, with Chakotay as the other parent. This request is pivotal in getting Tom and Chakotay back together again.

Kes gives birth to a girl, Martis, who ages at a rate halfway between Human and Ocampa -- approximately 4 human years of growth for every year that passes. She is telepathic and empathic. She divides her time between Kes and Neelix, and Tom ("Da") and Chakotay ("Tayo"). When Kes leaves Voyager, Martis moves to live full-time with Chakotay and Tom.

The AU diverges from canon in several points: As the Kazon never stranded the crew on the barren planet, Lon Suder is still alive, although confined under close guard. He is becoming a friend to Martis. Seska defected, and is presumed dead, although this was never confirmed.

When this chapter starts, Martis is nearly 3 years old chronologically, approximately 13 years old in Human terms. This chapter retells the events of "Counterpoint", and Voyager is transporting telepaths in direct violation of the Devore, whose space they are crossing.

Codes for this chapter: J/Kashyk, J and C, C/P, with background Ayala/K and T/Dalby.

Redux is rated NC-17 in its entirety, although some chapters have lower ratings. Contains slash and depictions of loving same-sex relationships.

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