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A JetC20 challenge to write a story with the title Nekkid Shoulders. Pretty plotless. What did you expect with a title like this?


Captain and Commander were in the Captain's quarters, sharing a quiet dinner and a bottle of wine as they often did. Ship's business out of the way, they were joking about the latest away mission that Chakotay had led. The dilithium was located in a difficult seam and he had had to dig and peck his way to the ore using an old fashioned pick and shovel.

Chakotay flexed his shoulders, rotating his neck experimentally as he pressed a point at the juncture of neck and shoulder.

"It's all very well for you to laugh," he grumbled. "I'm stiff as hell."

"Ask the Doc for a massage," Kathryn suggested, from where she was comfortably stretched out on the couch, glass of wine in hand.

"Very funny. I need a gentler touch then he has." He winced as he pressed a particularly sore spot.

She swung her legs down from the couch. "Take your shirt off," she ordered him.


"I said, take your shirt off. I'll rub your back for you. Don't look so stunned, surely I've got to be better than the Doc."

He stood up and undid his shirt, letting it drop to the floor.

She disappeared into the bathroom and came out holding a bottle of something. She walked around him studying him from all angles. She tugged at the material covering his hips.

"Better take these off too. Don't want to get body lotion on those nice pants."

"Kathryn! Such enthusiasm."

"C'mon Chakotay ... that is, you do have something underneath the pants don't you?"

"I do."

"Then drop 'em. I've seen you swimming, it won't be anything I haven't seen before."

He dropped his pants and stood there in his briefs. Kathryn pretended to be studying the furniture, picking the best place for a massage. In reality, she was covertly studying her first officer's body. Goodness he was well put together. Broad chest, no hair, just a sprinkling arrowing down into his briefs. Don't look there. Long legs, thick with muscle. Taut buttocks. And those shoulders. Those nekkid shoulders. Ridged with muscle, wide and bulky. Smooth and brown with a mole just....



"You're staring!"

"I am not, I'm thinking. I think the floor will be best. Lie down over here on the rug."

He obliged and she settled down next to him, then swung a leg over him and straddled his hips, resting her bottom lightly on his lower back. His arms were above his head, pillowing his cheek. She reached for the lotion and poured a generous amount into her hands, warming it slightly.

She put her hands on his middle back, spreading the lotion over his bronzed skin and gently started to manipulate the tense muscles. Using both hands, she spread the lotion evenly and kneaded, rolling her way down his spine, spreading out to smooth the broad lateral muscles that dipped down to his ribcage. Using stiffened fingers, she pressed her way up his spine.

He groaned aloud.



"I'm not going to smell of peaches after this am I?"

"No. You're going to smell of roses and almonds."

He chuckled and his muscles rippled. She swallowed hard, and resumed working her way up his back. She wanted to touch those shoulders. So wide, so broad. The shoulders that had taken on so many of her burdens over the last few years, without complaint. Always there for her to rest her head on. She just never had.

She shuffled forward up his back and let her fingers roam those shoulders, delighting in the feel of his slippery skin under her hands. She rubbed his neck, itching to slide her fingers into his thick hair, but contented herself with curling hands around to his collarbone, kneading the thick ridge of muscle in his neck.

She moved back to those shoulders again, and worked down each bicep in turn, stopping to add more lotion.

The feel of his skin so warm and vital under her hands was doing strange things to her. There was a hollow dragging feel of desire deep in the pit of her stomach. She hoped he couldn't sense it in the movements of her hands.

Reluctantly she moved back down away from his shoulders again, shuffling backwards so she was sitting on his legs as she worked his lower back down to the waistband of his briefs. Underneath her bottom, his legs felt taut. She could feel the coarse hair on his legs, his legs between her legs. The image was compelling and she swallowed hard. Everything about this man was compelling this evening. Of course it always was, but the barrier of acceptable touch had now been broken, and suddenly it was very hard for her to even see the lines she had drawn so many years ago. She hesitated a moment, then continued lower, kneading his buttocks through his briefs.

He shuffled slightly in position. She wondered if the massage was affecting him the way it was her. If so, he couldn't be very comfortable lying face down on the hard floor. The thought of what state he might be in had her swallowing hard and she had to move up his back again before her hands started to linger too long on those firm buttocks.

But the damage was done. Touching his skin and the erotic thoughts it had conjured up slowed her hands to a crawl. Slowly but surely the massage was becoming a caress. His skin shivered under her touch. She reached his shoulders again. The temptation to lay her head down on those broad nekkid shoulders and let him support, hold and love her was overwhelming.

"Turn over Chakotay," she said. "Let me finish your neck and shoulders properly."

Chakotay didn't move. "I don't think that is a good idea," he said after a minute. "I don't think you want to see..." he tailed off.

She ran a gentle hand down his spine, and shifted her bottom on his hips.

"You might be surprised at what I want to see," she said huskily.

"Kathryn." His anguished voice reached her. "If I turn over now, I am either going to carry you into that bedroom and make love to you, or be extremely embarrassed. Please, can you just turn your back and let me get up."

She pressed a kiss to the nape of his neck. "Turn over Chakotay. I think I'd like to see what I'm getting."

There was a moments charged silence.

"Are you sure?" He whispered. "Please, be very sure, Kathryn, or else walk away now."

"Never more sure about anything, Chakotay."

* * *

Later, much later, lying drowsily together in the sticky aftermath of love, he stroked a gentle hand through her hair and asked her the question that had been running through his mind ever since she had kissed the back of his neck.

"Why now Kathryn? Why now after all these years?"

She turned her face into his chest and licked the sweat from his nipple.

"To be honest Chakotay, to be completely honest with you, it was your shoulders. Your glorious nekkid shoulders."


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