By Shayenne

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A birthday fic for Brianna!

Kathryn rested her head on Chakotay's shoulder. "Tell me the story again," she demanded.

He stroked his large hand down her arm, inching around to caress the side of her breast. "What story?"

"You know." She turned into him, pressing a kiss to his smooth salty chest. "The one about the Angry Warrior."

"Oh. That one." He smiled into her hair, letting his fingers dance across her nipple.

The lovers on the bed were dappled by the New Earth sunlight, filtered by the leafy tree that grew outside the open window. A light breeze wafted in, bringing with it the scents of loam, fresh-turned earth, and spring flowers. The sheets were thrown back, so that the zephyr could play across their naked flesh, curling over love-heated skin, cooling the sheen of sweat on their bodies.

Chakotay turned further toward his love, raising a thigh so that it draped over her hip. His cock, limp and sticky after loving, nestled into the soft curls at the apex of her thighs. "Kathryn, you always want to hear that story. I do know others."

She stroked a careful hand over his hip, then traced the outlined muscles in his strong, solid thighs. "Humor me," she murmured. "That's our story. It's the one I like best." Her eyes drifted to other places, far away and beloved. "It's the one that keeps me sane, reminds me of what we have."

"You'll always have me." Chakotay's hand hestitated slightly, then resumed its wandering caress. "I know things didn't turn out exactly as we planned, but we have each other. We have this."

"I love you, Chakotay. Don't ever forget that." Her throaty avowal always had the power to thrill him.

Turning once more, he propped himself up against the carved wooden headboard that arched over their New Earth bed. Kathryn shifted, to settle firmly in his arms once more. "My story," she demanded. "After all, it is my birthday!"

Briefly, Chakotay allowed himself a moment of reverie. One day, Voyager would be home. One day, he and Kathryn could be lovers, open and unhindered, instead of the stolen holodeck moments they now enjoyed. Twice a year, on his birthday and hers they ran their New Earth program. Barely enough to keep the seeds of love and passion alive.

But, survive it would. They would make sure of that.

Entwining Kathryn firmly in his arms, for the scant hour remaining to them, he began. "There is an ancient legend of my people..."


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