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The ready room was quiet, and Mike Ayala stood at parade rest in front of the desk. Try as he might, he was unable to think of anything he'd done that might have earned him a reprimand. But Janeway didn't look particularly intimidating right now. Indeed, she stood at her replicator requesting coffee.

"Would you like anything, Lieutenant?" she enquired.

"No thank you, Ma'am." Ayala's apprehension increased. If she were trying to put him at his ease, the expected whiplash of reprimand would be greater.

However, Janeway appeared slightly fidgety herself. Mike's security senses noticed her uncharacteristic fiddling with her coffee mug, the way she constantly brushed an imaginary piece of hair from her face. Just when he was at the point of wondering if he should say something, she spoke.

"Mike, I have a favor to ask you." Janeway perched informally on the edge of her desk, the coffee mug clasped in both hands. "And please, at ease."

"Yes, Captain," he replied neutrally, even as his mind whirled wondering what she could possibly want from him.

"I've failed the Doctor's physical fitness tests and if I don't meet the standards within one month, he's threatening to remove me from duty," Janeway stated bluntly. "I need your help. The doctor tells me you're running boot camp for those crewmen who failed. However, I don't think it's motivational for the crew to see that their captain is among them. So, I would like you would act as my personal trainer to get me through the tests. I'll roster it into your duty time. Are you agreeable to this?"

Although surprised, Mike suppressed a smile. Of course Janeway wouldn't want to attend his group boot camp with the likes of Billy Telfer, Tal Celes, Mortimer Harren and Harry Kim. He studied her objectively. She wasn't overweight, she seemed to have some musculature as far as he could tell underneath the loose uniform. It shouldn't be too hard to get her to a decent standard of fitness. "Of course, Captain. And my discretion is assured."

"Thank you. I suggest we begin immediately. I have holodeck time in ten minutes. What should I wear?"

"Loose workout clothes, Captain. Shorts, singlet, light tracksuit. Something like that."

She nodded. "I'll change now and meet you in Holodeck 1."

He arrived at the holodeck before her, and had time to call for his running track program and delete the characters he usually used as training partners. In a one-on-one session, they wouldn't be needed.

Janeway arrived a couple of minutes later. He almost didn't recognize her. Gone was the brisk, officious captain; in her place was a slight woman wearing brief shorts and a singlet. Her hair was in a high ponytail and her face bare of makeup. Looking at her lean, smooth legs, Mike fought an unexpected tightening in his groin. He swallowed hard; there was no reason he should feel that. He was used to seeing crewmen in far less than what Janeway was wearing. But it was as if his captain had descended from her pedestal to his level. In the shorts and singlet, she was simply another body--a body he'd like to see more of.

Janeway lifted her arms to tighten her ponytail and he caught a glimpse of a mauve striped sports bra through the loose armhole of the singlet. Swiftly, he averted his gaze.

"We'll walk a lap of the track to warm up and then see how your running is."

Janeway pulled a face. "Not good. I was over a minute per kilometer slower than required, and I couldn't go the distance."

Sure enough, halfway around the second lap, Janeway was puffing, her breath coming in labored gasps. Mike made a swift decision. "Run/walk program. Run for three minutes, walk for two. Repeat for forty minutes."

Janeway grimaced. "Forty minutes? No, Lieutenant, I have to be back on duty in-"

"Captain, you signed up for this. Make that four minutes for the first repetition." One part of him wondered at his balls, and from the look on her face she was wondering the same.

Before he could reconsider, he set off at a brisk jog, not looking to see if she followed. A few seconds later, she sped past him, ponytail swinging. Mike grinned; there was no way she'd be able to keep that pace up, but in the meantime, he enjoyed the view of her butt and pale legs. Sure enough, a minute later, she slowed and he matched her pace. Glancing sideways, he saw her set face, heard her rasping breath. There was no way in hell she'd give in.

Forty minutes later, Janeway was pale and sweaty. The last repetition had been little more than a gentle stagger. Mike handed her a water bottle. "Take a couple of minutes, then we'll work on upper body strength."

She marched up to him--an amazing recovery, he thought, before her finger jabbed into his chest. "Five minutes. And then we'll think about the upper body."

Deliberately, he let his gaze wander over her chest and upper arms. "There's no 'think' about it. It needs work." He pinched her upper arm. "This isn't muscle tone."

Instantly, his world turned around, and he found himself flat on his back, gazing up at the bright blue holographic sky. Janeway straddled him, her hands pinning his upper arms to the turf. "No?" she asked, conversationally.

He struggled against her restraint. How the hell, he wondered, had she managed to flip him so swiftly? But as he struggled, he became achingly aware of how her slim thighs pinned him to the ground, the smell of her fresh sweat, and the way a trickle of moisture ran down her breastbone to dampen the upper edge of her sports bra. Abruptly, he ceased his resistance and lay still, willing his body not to betray him. But the urge to push up into all her moist heat was overwhelming. His hips tightened.

Abruptly, Janeway stilled. Blue eyes met his, and with a shock, he realized that far from being shocked, there was amusement, and yes, a hint of arousal, in her gaze.

"Well," she said softly. "That's something I didn't expect."

And then her mouth was on his, a swift, brushing kiss, that was over before he'd registered it had really begun. His lips tingled, and he closed his eyes. Janeway's weight shifted, and then she was gone, swinging up and away from him. By the time he'd staggered to his feet, she was over at the bars doing pushups. Girly pushups, he noted, with some amusement, not the full body to the ground Marine variety. But it was her set face and eyes firmly fixed on the bars that alerted him.

Mike hesitated; one part of him knew he should let Janeway call the shots. If she wanted to pretend that the almost-kiss hadn't happened, he should go along with it. But another, larger part, was intrigued. Janeway didn't have a partner on the ship. He'd wondered about her and Chakotay--hell, they all had--but the big man had set him straight one night, over a few synthales. There was nothing going on between them, and as far as he was concerned, Janeway was a close friend. Almost asexual, Chakotay had described her.

There was nothing asexual about this woman. Tangy sweat, slight feminine shape, and a looseness in her movements that suggested she was comfortable in her skin. Mike remembered how her lean thighs had closed around his hips, the brief press of her lips.

Before he could second guess himself, he grasped her biceps, effectively halting her determined pushups.

"Lieutenant." Steely-gazed, her eyes met his. "Let go of me."

"You wanted a workout, Captain. And you kissed me earlier." He tugged, so that she had to stand up, toe to toe with him. Deliberately, he let his hand drift down her side. "Today's session is over. Tomorrow's will start at 10:00; same place, same time. But the type of workout will be up to you. We can run repetitions on the track, or we can run repetitions of this and see where it leads." Bending his head, he claimed her lips. It was an assured kiss, and he took advantage of her momentary gasp to slide his tongue inside her mouth. Softening his lips, he used every bit of skill and persuasiveness he'd learned over the years with other partners. His tongue swept around her mouth, dancing and delving, until finally, her lips softened underneath his and she was kissing him back.

He let his hand move up and down her back for a moment, before he broke the kiss and released her.

"Tomorrow morning, Captain."

He could feel her eyes on him as he left the holodeck. Yes, tomorrow would be extremely interesting.


Janeway watched the holodeck arch shimmer away, and she let her shell-shocked expression relax. Smiling to herself, she bent and picked up a towel. So Lieutenant Ayala wasn't the pussycat that Chakotay was. No, Ayala was firm and decisive, taking control. Everything she liked in a man. Yet he had been so easily encouraged along the path she'd set his feet upon. Just as long as he didn't think to check with the EMH about her physical fitness; she'd have a hard time explaining that she had actually passed the test with the high standards befitting a starship captain.

Janeway smiled; finally, she had found a real man among her crew. It should be a very exciting month.


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