By Shayenne

Disclaimer: Paramount owns everything but I doubt they want this.

Rated NC-13

Drunken drabble. Mine and Kathryn's but Kathryn's POV.


If wishes were horses then beggars would ride.

If wishes were starships then beggars would fly.

If wishes were horses then captains would ride.

If synthenol was real then I would be unconscious on my bunk and not thinking these things.

I wonder where Chakotay is?

If synthenol powered starships we'd be in the alpha quadrant by yesterday.

If wishes were synthenol I would still have all of my replicator rations.

I wonder if he has any of his replicator rations.

If I begged, would he…. If he begged would I?

If synthenol were wishes then Chakotay would ride.



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