By Shayenne

Disclaimer: I have my health, my wealth (ha!), and my happiness. Paramount can have everything else.

Rated PG-13

I saved the world today. Or rather, I saved my world.

I'd seen the trade ambassador out of the corner of my eye. Seen the surly look on his face as he drew his phaser, pointed it at you and pulled the trigger. There was no time to shout a warning; I simply reacted.

The shot echoed as I landed on top of you, rolling you away from danger. My shoulder stung. There was shouting, further shots, then Ayala's satisfied grunt as he pinned the ambassador against the wall.

"Chakotay…" You moved underneath me and your hands gripped my shoulder. They came away wet and red. You ripped at my uniform until I was dizzy with pain and the feel of your hands on my naked flesh.

And now, your hands are on my bare skin once more. Resting lightly on my chest, careful to avoid my bandaged shoulder.

"You saved my life," you whisper.

"It's in my job description," I say.

You swallow, and try to smile but your hands flutter on my skin. I feel their tremble; tiny movements you cannot control. Your uniform is smudged, there's a tear above your breast, and your eyes are tired. And in this moment, I see what you have been hiding. It's there, in the way your thumb is moving back and forth on my chest. It's there in the way you meet my eyes and smile for me, and in this unguarded moment, I can see your heart.

The doctor bustles up and adjusts my cortical monitor. You step away, your chin lifts, and the mantle of your command settles firmly on your shoulders once more. But now I don't mind; I've seen through the weave and now I know the truth.

I saved the world today. I saved our world. And one day, it will be there waiting for us to walk in and claim it.


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