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A little snippet from New earth. I saw a challenge for a story and couldn't help but write it.

Thorns;  a prick by any other name
Rated NC17
By Sheri

Kathryn bit back the tears that threatened to pour out with every step. She was close to the shelter, and she could just barely see it off in the distance. She had thought to use the COMM badge and contact Chakotay, but decided against it. It was already embarrassing enough, let alone to call him for help.

She swore under her breath.  She had no choice but to tell him, he was going to have to help.  She continued walking; she was close now, so close that she could see him outside working on another piece of wood.  What was he making now?

He saw her approach and stood to greet her; setting down the basket of Talaxian tomatoes he had just picked. It took him only seconds to notice her distress. He was at her side in seconds, "Kathryn, what happened?"

She looked up and wanted to cry even more. How could she tell him this?  It was downright embarrassing.

"Kathryn, please..." he pleaded.

"I fell," was all she offered.

He stopped her and looked her over, "Where did you get hurt?"

"I.. well," she tried to explain but it just wouldn't come out.


"I fell ... in what could best be described as..." she looked down, "a rose bush."

"Okay, and...?"

"It had thorns... I fell backwards," she said.

"And... ohhh," he said. It suddenly dawned on him what she was trying not to say. He took hold of her elbow and led her gently into the shelter. "Okay, Kathryn, why don't you sit... err... can you lie down somewhere?"

"I'll go lie on my bed," she said.

He went to fetch the medkit then went into her bedroom. Kathryn was lying face down, fully clothed. He sighed and moved to her, gently sitting on the bed he began to undo her dress, "what are you doing?" she asked sounding alarmed.

"I have to remove your dress to get at the thorns," he explained.

"Oh, of course," she said sounding defeated.

"Don't worry, Kathryn, I'll be careful," he said as he continued to carefully peel off the dress.  "Oh boy," he said looking at the probably four dozen thorns imbedded in her sensitive skin.

"That bad?" she asked.

"This is going to hurt," he said. "And, Kathryn, you have to...well, you have to take off your underwear, there's probably a dozen thorns in your...well..."

She groaned, "I know. Can't you remove them without...?"

"I'll try, Kathryn," he said. He took the tweezers and diligently began to pluck them out one by one.

Kathryn bit her lip to keep from whimpering from the pain; it seemed to take forever as she felt the thorns being plucked from her skin. Soon she felt his hands rub her back, "Okay, Kathryn, I still feel some... well there are some on..."

"You want my underwear off," she stated knowing what he was trying to say.

"Sorry, I got all the rest but..."

"Okay, just do it," she said.

He sighed then pulled back her underwear. He tried his best to focus on his task, ignoring the fact that the woman who had visited every one of his erotic dreams was now lying in front of him naked.

He managed to get the remaining thorns out of Kathryn's derriere then moved to get the dermal regenerator, "I'll be right back."

Kathryn sighed and rested her head back on her hands; this was so humiliating, how could she face him when he was finished"?

Chakotay returned a moment later and began his work, his free hand unconsciously rubbing over the newly healed skin. He heard Kathryn's sigh of relief as the pain from the wounds disappeared along with the angry red marks. But then noticed her breathing became a bit labored, "Are you okay?" he asked, his free hand still working over her.

Kathryn now wanted to run and hide.  Not only had she allowed Chakotay to nearly strip her down to nothing, but when the pain left it was replaced with a warmth that started in her core and radiated everywhere. She was becoming so aroused that she wanted to flip him on his back and sink herself down on his organ; grind into him like her life depended on it.

"Kathryn?" he asked again getting a little concerned.

"Sorry, I'm fine," she said quietly; she didn't want him to stop, his hand was still making slow circles on her behind.

"You don't sound fine," he added.

"I… well…" she began as she turned her head slightly to look at the wandering hand.

"Oh," he said jerking his hand back. "Sorry," he looked so sheepish; his head was hanging down like a puppy that had been scolded.

"Don't be, it felt nice," she said before she realized. 'God, I can't believe I said that!'

Chakotay tried not to smile to wide as she spoke her words, "Here, I'm not finished yet. Let me make sure I got them all." His hand continued to make slow circles as his other hand moved to her shoulders to gently push her back down.

His fingers insinuated themselves into her crack, gently as they made their way to her wet center. The fingers gently glided over her back hole, circling gently then continuing their journey.

They reached the wet hole and paused, he leaned in close to her, "You okay?'

She could barely speak, "yes."

One finger slightly dipped into her moist opening while the others seeked out her now throbbing bundle of nerves. He had leaned himself over her and was now placing gentle kisses along her back.

"Chakotay…" she pleaded. Her mind was a whirl with thoughts, she should stop this but she couldn't bring herself to do so. First there was the angry legend, now … this.

"Do you want me to stop?" he asked in a soft voice as his finger slid a little further into her hot core.

She groaned and rose her bottom up slightly, encouraging his ministrations, "No…"

He pulled his hand away and heard her groan, she turned to face him only to see him licking her juices off his fingers, "You are delicious, Kathryn."

She groaned once again and moved to get up but he placed his hand on her back gesturing for her to remain. She did as obeyed but kept her eye on him watching him as he stood straight up and began to slowly strip.

He did it slowly, taking his time with every stitch of clothing, teasing her as he watched her squirm on the bed. It was obvious to him that the thorns that once pierced her body were no longer in her memory; they had now been replaced with another piercing that she longed for.

Finally undressed he covered her body with his, covering her mouth with his. His tongue insinuated itself between her lips, to find hers. His hard member ground into her bottom, as their tongues dueled, mimicking the movement that their lower bodies were soon going to make.

He sat up on his knees and helped her turn over then pulled her to him bringing her wet hole directly to his aching member.

Kathryn's upper half was still lying on the bed while her legs were draped over his shoulders. Her eyes glanced down to where they were about to join; a hint to Chakotay to continue with what he had planned. She wiggled her bottom slightly to encourage him.

He took the hint, gently easing the tip in, then thrusting forth, burying himself all the way in her wetness.

Kathryn couldn't move much but she tried, looking for as much stimulation as possible. Chakotay saw her distress and moved his fingers to her aching bundle of nerves. As he thrust into her, his fingers made circles, bring her to the edge as fast as he was going.

Kathryn screamed as her orgasm tore through her, head thrown back, mind swimming, body convulsing around him. Her small hands gripped at the pillow under her head is she tried to come down from the high.

She finally opened her eyes to see Chakotay grinning at her, his hardness still filling her, "You didn't?"

"Not yet," he said with a smirk before he began to move once again. This time he allowed her legs to fall and draped her body with his, holding her close as he rocked himself to completion.

For Kathryn she had never felt anything like this; with every movement he made an aftershock tore through her. All coherent thoughts left her and she let out a series of moans and whimpers, trying to catch her breath between each thrust he made.

A cry erupted from her throat as another orgasm tore through her, this time the tight gripping of her walls bringing him to his peak along with her. He collapsed beside her, both of them basking in the afterglow.

After a few moments of silence Kathryn rolled to her side to face Chakotay. "I was thinking," she said.

"About what? he asked sleepily.

"The garden," she stated.

He chuckled softly, "The garden, at a time like this?"

"Yes, of course. I want to get that rose bush and plant it in our garden," she replied. "Right next to all our talaxian tomatoes."

"After all of those, a total of 46 thorns, you want that bush to be closer?" he asked with a laugh.

"Look what that rose bush did?" she said gesturing to the two of them.

He was quiet for a moment then spoke, "I'll go dig it up tomorrow."

She laughed, burying her face in his chest, "Yes, besides number 47, a good, make that a great   ….thorn …can do us good once in a while."

End                                                                                              tomato contest

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