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Anne Rose, Autopilot, Cassatt, Kayla, K.J., LA, LauraJo, Mary S., Sängerin, Shayenne and Sheri

Project Editors: Cassatt and Shayenne

Tying the Threads placed second in the J/C Index Endgame Challenge!

Voyager's final episode left a lot a lot of questions unanswered. What happened to the Maquis? Is the Doctor sentient? How does Naomi feel about being on Earth? What happened to Tuvok and T'Pel? And of course, the biggest questions of all - what happened to Kathryn and Chakotay? And Voyager herself.

"Tying The Threads" is a group project that aims to answer some of those questions, and bring the whole finale to a more pleasing... resolution.

There are eleven chapters in this story, each written by a different author. The story in its entireity is rated PG-13, but some authors have written optional NC-17 sections - follow the links to read the NC-17 version. The story starts during Endgame and ties up the loose threads of our favorite Voyager Crew.

The Finale Fixit group taking a break from their labors
Some of the authors of Tying The Threads take a break from their labors.

A message from the authors (yes, that's some of us above): Thank you for reading our contribution to Voyager's finale. We hope you like it, and if you do, please take a moment to email us, either individually or as a group. The email links are on each chapter.

A big thank you to Cassatt's SO, Johnny, who betaed the entire project with great sensitivity and skill, and to Kayla for the fantastic title graphics. Visit her graphics site at http://www.kornucopia.f2s.com


Chapter 1 - It Ain't Over 'Til the Captain Sings by Cassatt
Immediately after End Game, Voyager is in the AQ.  Questions about the Admiral's real agenda haunt both the Captain and the Commander as the ship heads for Earth.
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Chapter 2 - Future's Foundation by LauraJo
Voyager's crew endure a period of debriefing and court hearings; and somehow, amidst the turmoil, Kathryn and Chakotay must deal with personal and professional issues as their new lives take shape.
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Chapter 3 - Dark Clouds and Silver Linings by LA
Highly ambivalent about their return, Tom and B'Elanna begin their lives as parents by losing the Voyager family they had come to trust and depend upon. Could mending the broken bonds with their own parents be the key to easing their readjustment?
And Kathryn and Chakotay find that Fate is still dealing their cards, shuttling them back to the one true thing in both their lives.
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Chapter 4 - Epiphany - PG13 Version
Chapter 4 - Epiphany - NC17 Version
by Sheri
Harry has doubts about his future, but after running into a former crewmate, his life seems to turn into the right direction. Chakotay finally goes to see Kathryn, hoping to make things right.
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Chapter 5 - Tuvok Reminisces by Anne Rose
Tuvok reminisces about the events of the year since Voyager returned to the AQ. Neelix settles in with the Talaxian colony.
Anne's Rose Garden Email: anne3rose@yahoo.com

Chapter 6 - Photons and Forcefields by Autopilot
Doc enlists the help of Captain Janeway and Reg Barclay to force the Federation to deal with the issue they have long sidestepped...him.
Autopilot's Homepage Email:

Chapter 7 - Only Human by Kayla
Returning to Earth isn't the end of the journey for Seven of Nine. With the help of friends, both old and new, she finds her way home and discovers that sometimes even the Borg are only human.
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Chapter 8 - Waiting by Mary S.
Sam and Naomi Wildman bring Icheb into their family as they wait for Starfleet Command to decide their futures.
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Chapter 9 - Chatter In The Ranks by Sängerin
Joined by other familiar names and faces, Sue Nicholetti, Ken Dalby, Mortimer Harren and Renlay Sharr (Latent Image and The Fight) reacquaint themselves with life in the Alpha Quadrant.
Sängerin's Star Trek Stories Email:

Chapter 10 - Letting Go - PG13 Version
Chapter 10 - Letting Go - NC17 Version
by Shayenne
Sarah Carey, Joe's widow, is still struggling to come to terms with his death and is trying to make a life for herself and the boys. New friends from Voyager's crew help them get back on their feet.
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Chapter 11 - Twisting The Threads Of Fate - PG13 Version
Chapter 11 - Twisting The Threads Of Fate - NC17 Version
by K.J.
Voyager’s long journey comes to an end as her crew begins their new journey into the future.
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